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About Us

About Shorthouse & Martin Basingstoke Hampshire Accountants

Let's get your business flying

Shorthouse and Martin are not your typical firm of certified, practising accountants, in fact, we are anything but. We are a rather special breed of qualified, professional people dedicated to the growth of start-up, medium and large businesses in the South of England.

In fact, we are here to get your business flying, with free thinking, fresh ideas and surprising answers to your daily financial and business development challenges. To find out how, take a short flight with us right here – and let us give you and your business wings!

Free your business for growth

Imagine; freedom from taxation worries, freedom from accountancy worries, freedom from the paperwork, the number crunching and the plethora of financial and company law that surround the modern business.

Imagine; freedom to grow your business the way you want to.

To achieve this, Shorthouse and Martin provide services in all key areas of your business; Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax, VAT, Credit Control, Business Formation and Structure, Administration, Finance, Insurance Cover and Investigation, Business Planning and Reviewing.

Too good to be true?  This is no flight of fancy, this is what Shorthouse and Martin can bring to your business, so you can get on with doing what you do best….
Business services including accounting, bookkeeping, tax saving, tax returns, finance and administration

Financial and legal advice... to help your business fly higher

What’s holding you back from getting your business off the ground?   What’s holding you back from growing your business?

We venture its finance. Shorthouse and Martin are specialists at finding the right finance for you and your business, whether start up or expanding into new fields and new markets.

When you deal with Shorthouse and Martin, you do not deal with banks and financial institutions, we do all that for you, releasing you to focus on your business aims – and enabling you and your business to fly higher.

Our advice on finance and alternative finance options is invaluable. Our close working relationship with IFA Plus – a firm of independent financial advisers as established, trusted and as respected as ourselves – will bring you the financial armoury to battle for a far better business position.

Shorthouse and Martin run regular FREE informative business seminars for their clients as part of their comprehensive service.

It's not just your business we look after

Shorthouse and Martin offer a range of personal finance services to help you safeguard your personal financial future.

Take tax; they say it does not have to be taxing but personal taxation is an ongoing commitment with new laws, regulations and opportunities to save money arriving regularly, so we beg to differ.

With us looking after your tax, we offer a simple yet effective maximise/minimising situation. In other words, we help maximise the return on your investments and earnings whilst minimising your tax liabilities. We can also help in other areas including inheritance tax and inheritance planning, which means we will keep you free from all worries and confident that your money is working hardest for you.

Another little freedom that, with Shorthouse and Martin, will help you fly a long, long way.
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